Back in 2013, Confessions of an American Soccer Junkies started as a small grad school-mandated foray into blogging for Dan Popko. After bringing Steve Fogarty on board for the first podcast it was clear it might last a little longer than that. Despite an unplanned hiatus or two, American Soccer Junkies has stuck around, leading readers and listeners through the 2014 World Cup and beyond. Meet the junkies and stay tuned for more through Russia 2018 and beyond.


Dan Popko (@PopkoDKG)

Dan Popko is the Founding Editor of American Soccer Junkies. A Boston College and Boston University grad, Dan left Long Island for college, picked up two degrees and crippling college debt, and never came back. His work has been featured in various online outlets in addition to writing for the Cape Cod Times  and Associated Press. After watching Troy Perkins let in five goals against Mexico in person, he realized he was an American Soccer Junkie. Despite quitting competitive soccer before learning long division Dan optimistically considers himself an intramural superstar after saving a few penalties that one time. For some reason a Queens Park Rangers fan, he has yet to settle on one MLS team, waiting for the Revolution to build a stadium or NYCFC to get their shit together. He considers Brad Friedel one of our greatest living Americans, no matter what his accent might say.


Fogarty USMNT

Steve Fogarty (@saf5109)

Steve Fogarty is a Senior Writer at American Soccer Junkies. A Penn State alum, Steve is wrapping up grad school at Stony Brook University. When not leading his avatar Fogartiño to Champions League glory in FIFA 15, he can often be found vigorously defending Maurice Edu or fawning over the potential John Brooks to whomever will listen. A recovering MetroStars fan, Steve is conflicted about the pending Red Bull-NYCFC derby. If he could have his way, he never would have had to learn the name Bobby Wood.


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