American Soccer Junkies: Episode #20

With Steve Fogarty predisposed, special guest and seasoned traveler of Brazil Paul Deedy joins me, Dan Popko, for another World Cup edition of the podcast. With the Group of Death in the rearview, we discuss Paul’s adventure to Natal for USA 2, Ghana 1, search for lessons learned from the loss to Germany and offer a preview of the unbelievably nerve-racking Round of 16 matchup with Belgium, including a potential penalty strategy for the United States. In between there are discussions of smuggled Tequila, sweaty Brazilian restauranteurs, Omar Gonzalez’s Fruity Pebbles sponsorship and even a game prediction from Paul.

Listen after the jump.

WARNING: Some foul language, but nothing that will shock you too much. Just get over it.



I’d suggest listening to the whole thing, but if you feel the need to skip around, here is a Table of Contents:

0:00 – Intro to American Soccer Junkies: Episode #20
2:54 – Paul Recounts his Trip to Brazil
23:37 – Breakdown of USA-Germany
28:49 – Story of Omar Gonzalez and Fruity Pebbles
30:48 – Preview of USA-Belgium
54:17 – USA Penalty Strategy


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