American Soccer Junkies: Episode #11

It’s been a long time, too long, and for that we apologize. But we could never forget about you, our loyal readers and listeners. As a reward for your saintly patience we bring you the latest episode of “American Soccer Junkies” and a whole truckload of new content to come! Since we recorded this — about a week ago now; post-production has been a pain in my ass — a lot has happened, including the release of Jürgen Klinsmann’s latest USMNT roster for the final set of World Cup qualifiers. Don’t worry, Steve Fogarty has you covered on that front. For everything else that happened since we last spoke, you’ll just have to listen in.

Steve and I start out with the biggest news of all, obviously. The United States of America is going to Brazil. Like, fo’ real. How did it happen? Well, another “Dos a Cero” over Mexico, obviously. As you are enough of a USMNT fan to listen to this podcast, you already knew that, so we won’t spend too much time talking about it. Just enough to revel in the glory of America. But that’s not all that’s been going on. With seasons all over Europe in full swing, we delve into a full “Stock Watch” for most prominent Americans abroad — and even some back home in the MLS.

Of course, how can we ignore the final two World Cup Qualifiers? Sure, they might be meaningless to some, but that’s really a load of crap. Top of the hex? Potential Top 8 World Cup seed! IT’S ALL TO PLAY FOR. And that’s what we talk about. With the World Cup locked down already, these games are also a big chance for some guys to lock in their seat on the plane to Brazil. We don’t know what will happen and who will stake a renewed claim, but that didn’t stop us from picking our “23 for 2014” to round out the podcast.

There will be a lot more content on the blog and Twitter in the coming days as games get going, so stay tuned. But first, enjoy the latest episode of “American Soccer Junkies.”


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