Happy America Day!

Happy Fourth of July. Independence Day. AMURICA! It may just be 10 A.M. when you see this, but you will be excused for already having a beer in your hand, some bacon on the barbecue and either Bruce Springsteen, Toby Keith or Francis Scott Key blasting from your speakers right now. You will also be excused if the following video happens to bring a little tear of joy to the corner of your eye.

Sure, Landon Donovan’s magical moment didn’t happen on July 4th (but THIS sure as hell did) and we just posted the video of it a few days ago, but any time you can witness millions of Americans spontaneously chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A,” it seems pretty damn patriotic to me.

So sit back, take in the splendor and don’t be afraid to let that stray tear out. It’s what the fore fathers would have wanted.

Happy America Day.


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