American Soccer Junkies: Episode #8

After just three days between our last two podcasts, the nearly two-week wait must have been torture for you! Well, don’t worry. We’re hear with and extra-special — and extra-long — episode of American Soccer Junkies. Episode #8 left Steve Fogarty and I plenty to talk about, so we bring you more than 80 minutes of podcast goodness.

Since you’ve last joined us the calendar has officially turned over to July, which means one thing: Silly Season. The transfer markets are open around the globe and “sources say,” well, they say a lot of things. Most of them end up being wrong, but early in the process we already have a few done deals to report, from Danny Williams heading to Reading to Carlos Bocanegra returning home to join the mess that is Chivas USA. Of course we’ll delve into the rumors as well.

Listen in before the transfer news for our take on the U20 World Cup in Turkey. It had its ups and downs, but as with any World Cup the United States partakes in, it ended with Ghana. We then move on to transfers before taking a look at the upcoming Gold Cup, an event which we’ll have a lot more on in the next couple of weeks. Of course, we end with our analysis of “23 for 2014” to see if recent events have changed anything regarding the squad Jürgen Klinsmann will take to Brazil.

Listen to it all after the break.

WARNING:  Steve Fogarty was feeling a little bit curse-y during recording. You’ve been warned.


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