American Soccer Junkies: Episode #4

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. No, I’m not talking about our newest episode of the podcast — though I know that deep down inside you have been pining for our analysis of Benny Feilhaber — but the fact that after nothing real cropping up in the USMNT world, we finally have something to talk about.

In less than one week, the Yanks will take to the pitch against Belgium for their first friendly in a five-game series that includes three crucial World Cup Qualifiers. The roster Jürgen Klinsmann named for those games? Well, for now, let’s just call it interesting.

Steve Fogarty and I discuss the head-scratching exclusions and curious inclusions for this latest camp. Landon Donovan? Left out. The Brads (Evans and Davis)? In. And get ready for our always passionate opinion of Klinsmann’s favorite ineffective defensive midfielder, Danny Williams. From there, we take you on an odyssey through our wildest hopes and dreams for the upcoming friendlies and break down the 23 for 2014, complete with the new knowledge that Klinsmann doesn’t even listen to his own rules when putting together a squad.

Check out the pod after the jump.

WARNING: You may note, we’ve gotten a little less particular in our aversion to four-letter words in this podcast. For that reason, American Soccer Junkies is probably best intended for a mature audience. Parental Guidance suggested. But not really.


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