So, Terrence Boyd Has a New American Flag Tattoo, Which is Nice

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So it appears that USMNT and Rapid Vienna striker Terrence Boyd went out and got himself some new ink, as 22-year-old athletes with nothing but time to burn and money to spend are wont to do. That in itself is really not much of a story. In fact it’s not one at all. But in the USMNT world of divided locker rooms and Germanophobia, the real story is that Boyd went out and put Old Glory all over his left forearm.

Cue the chaos. Obviously. So, what does this really mean, exactly?

Picture after the jump.

Well, it means that Terrence Boyd is proud to be an American, where at least he knows he’s free. Except for the fact he plays in Austria, which has a less than perfect record when it comes people who believe in those assertions. But they do have famous apple pie. Despite actually being an Austrian thing, what could be more American than that?

USMNT forward Terrence Boyd reps Old Glory on his arm (Photo Credit: Terrence Boyd/Instagram)

As a member of the USMNT — a team that does represent the flag Boyd now bears on his skin forever, last time I checked — it should be little surprise that he now has this tattoo. But then it gets into the dicey stuff. Boyd happens to be one of the German-American players in the side, and thus, put in a sticky situation where he is seen by some as merely a mercenary of sport.

Boyd already was unique, in the fact that he lived in the US for a brief time as an infant, though was born in Germany and has spent the vast majority of his 22 years there. Yet, unlike so of the other German-born players that represent the United States, Boyd never seemed to give any indication of a proclivity to play for the German national team (ahem, Timothy Chandler) and has been 100% committed to the USMNT cause.

Some people may prop this moment up as a symbol of this bizarre divide closing or whatever, but it shouldn’t be read into. The only way it’s different from tons of Americans who get a tattoo of an Irish, Italian or any other flag to honor their heritage is that Boyd actually gets to represent that country on the world stage.

Though I have to admit, something about him getting that tattoo is kind of awesome in a pound your chest patriotism, “Hooh-rah! Amurica!” kinda way. So where do I get me one of those?


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